My mom is a fucking trip.
My nana went to the hospital yesterday cuz her flu was really bad and passed out on the floor and vomited a lot in the ambulance to the er. I was so upset I needed someone to drive me to the hospital.
So my mom was planning on coming up to see her this morning like normal people do when someone is in the hospital. I go see my nana every-time she goes even if it’s for some minor surgery and she’s just sleeping. I’ll sit there for hours with her and just watch tv or what ever. I don’t do this for ‘brownie points’ it’s my nana.
Anyway so my mom thought it was more important to paint her house today.
Lol OK. You’re not even on the lease or mortgage. You’re gonna get fucked over again by this tiny man and I will not be there for you.
I’m surrounded by people who feed of their parents shitty energy and I’m like ‘lalala (emotionally) free as a bird’
My mom is selfish.

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love this feeling

you fuckin love shoving your feet in gross muddy grass? you like that? are you a frog? do you fuck frog too then? disgusting frog fucker


all these people falling in love with chris pratt now that he’s in shape smh

always remember chubby pratt


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